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Arabella Macpherson
Resonate Communications Coaching

My goal was to master body language, voice and presence and for 10 years, I sought out the most innovative teachers internationally.
On returning from New York in 2007, I realised that the clarity, confidence and ability to connect easily that I took for granted, were skills that others urgently needed. Most people didn’t know how they came across, nor did they have the self-awareness to enhance their communication skills and were wondering why they weren’t confident, why they couldn’t connect easily with others and why they couldn’t get to where they wanted to be despite their commitment and focus.

By working alongside the top presentation, communication and sales coaches, I developed my coaching skills and created coaching programs for senior executives to help them become consistently engaging, inspiring and persuasive human beings. We worked on their structures, delivery skills and state of mind – focusing on emotional engagement to invite their audience to connect with them instantly.

Now with more than 7 years of corporate communications coaching, a degree in Performance and over 15 years of acting and singing training, I specialise in communication skills, so that those I train are no longer stressed, nervous or anxious. My clients find that they become more effective at work, it’s easier connect and persuade and their enjoyment increases measurably. They are also promoted more quickly and receive greater respect and positive reinforcement from their clients, colleagues and peers.

My coaching is very skill based. Not only do I ensure my clients have the right formats, processes and techniques so that they’re well prepared each day, but I also give them the tools to make them mentally prepared, present and powerful communicators and speakers using Mindfulness techniques and positive psychology.

Clients : American Express, Freehills, Clayton Utz, News Corp, Deloitte and Coates Hire








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