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Belinda Hodkinson
BIM Development Manager
Sinclair Knight Merz

Belinda Hodkinson’s broad experience has prepared her for her current role as Building Information Modelling (BIM) Development Manager at Sinclair Knight Merz. While her career has not been built according to a particular ‘grand plan’, the varied positions she has held have provided her with the right tools to approach her current role with confidence.

Much of Belinda’s work involves implementing and managing change. She works with changing business, creating structure only where it is needed. While she specialises in Building Information Modelling, her real expertise is her knowledge of how to look at a business and its process, and match this with technology (or its reduction) in order to increase productivity and enter new markets.

Belinda values both the bigger victories and the smaller day-to-day accomplishments in her work. She understands the importance of sharing knowledge and of empowering the right people, and derives great satisfaction from the achievements of others whom she has helped to view issues from a different perspective. This forms the foundations for the grander goal of implementing positive change in a business.

Belinda’s objective of building confidence in others extends to her attitude towards increasing the numbers of women in executive roles. It is important to build the perception among women that aiming for senior roles is normal, and of providing them with the necessary tools, tenacity and assurance in what they have to offer.

In joining EWA, Belinda is hoping to learn from other women who are driven in their respective businesses in order to be able to make a difference in her own industry.



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