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Beverley Searle
Mental Health Consultant
Independent Researcher

Beverley is passionate in the healing of people who have suffered trauma/adversity.

Her 8 step formula Forget Talking Therapy is the result of over 20 years of experience as a mental health field officer, CEO and independent researcher. She has a 95% success rate with mental health disorders in 12 weeks! This includes anorexia, depression, PTSD, stress etc. etc.

Beverley after presenting at world and Australasian conferences decided the best way to reach people is by internet marketing. With this in mind she developed self-help kits for over 12 disorders currently being developed for the web.

Forget Talking Therapy has also been packaged for therapists to integrate into their existing modalities and is available online.

Beverley is an accomplished and entertaining speaker and is available for bookings.

Based in Melbourne where she has a private practice, she is also available for Skype consultations.




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