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Carol Appleby
Coaching Psychologist
Executive Coach

Mindxcite® is an executive and personal coaching business that seeks to inspire leaders to understand and use mind-brain based science to improve themselves and their teams. We provide a safe environment to explore how changed thinking can create clarity and drive new perspectives. Personal growth is at the core of the coaching process.

We believe that the path to becoming an inspired leader is through ongoing personal development to create high levels of self-awareness that is at the core of leading from a place of authenticity.

To stay in the forefront of the latest behaviour research we have incorporated into our coaching and training programs, relevant knowledge from psychology, applied neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. 

Understanding how your brain influences how you think, how you act and how you feel, is integral to the way you make decisions at all levels of your professional and personal life.

As a member of EWA’s Panel of Providers, Carol hopes to meet women leaders from diverse backgrounds, to learn about their ongoing challenges and ambitions so that the products and services Mindxcite® offers stay current for today’s professional woman.

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