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Catherine Blackford

Catherine is a focused, energetic and highly motivated businesswoman, excited by new challenges and opportunities.

Since completing a degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Melbourne, Catherine's career took a slightly different turn. Somehow finding herself working in the Information Technology field.

What transpired next?

Bindle ...

It was due to the urge to air her creative impulses that Bindle transpired. After continually facing the small nightmare of trying to find inspired gifts, and with local products becoming scarcer it was time to harness her creative energy. Catherine followed her heart with a sense of determination, merging design, a sense of responsibility towards the environment, relationship building and local products, Bindle was created. Bindle is a boutique gift service that that delivers sustainable and stylish gifts packages that celebrate Australian-made produce and the extraordinary talent of local artisans. Bindle pushes the boundaries of corporate gifting, committed to fulfilling requirements for clients, staff or to mark a significant occasion.

Since it's inception in 201, Bindle has blossomed from "a corner in the room" hobby to a warehouse operation.

Catherine is proud of her accomplishments. Continually developing strong relationships with cutting edge local artisan brands and relationships with corporate sectors who embrace the idea of utilising gifting to strengthen their identity and social responsibility in supporting Australian industries. Awarded as a Victorian Telstra Business Awards Finalist in 2015, Catherine is passionate about authenticity, integral to the growth and success of Bindle.

In joining Executive Women Australia, Catherine is looking forward to opportunities to expand her network and meet like-minded people. She would like to share ideas and experiences around the power of corporate gifting.








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