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Chris Golis

Practical Emotional Intelligence Expert

Chris Golis is in his ‘third age’ career as a professional speaker and workshop leader in the field of practical Emotional Intelligence.

Prior to his transformation to public speaker and trainer, Chris enjoyed a stellar 40-year career spanning IT, Investment Banking and Venture Capital. During his 25 years as a venture capitalist, he sat on some 30 boards as a director and chairman. Over this time he learned that rather than blaming the external environment for their problems, good leaders understand that while intelligence can win the job, it is emotional intelligence that gains the promotion.

Based on his books for managers and salespeople, Chris runs workshops on the Humm-Wadsworth technique, which he maintains is the best and most practical emotional intelligence model available. This view was strongly upheld at the 25th reunion of London Business School Alumni. Attendees were asked about the most useful thing they had learned since graduation. The five colleagues to whom Chris had taught the Humm model all agreed it was the most useful thing they had learned. Their practice of this model had enabled them to lead and manage people effectively, which they recognised as the key to success.

Professional women who have taken Chris’s course have found the techniques of recognition and handling of corporate bullies and psychopaths particularly useful. Above all, the emotional intelligence coaching has helped them to be better managers, providing them with more opportunities for promotion.

Chris’s core philosophy can be summarised as follows: “If it is to be, it is up to me.

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