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Claudia Lajeunesse
Head of Platform Solutions
FIIG Securities

Claudia is an accomplished financial services executive with demonstrated ability integrating business strategy with technology to transform businesses in many industries, such as financial services, enterprise software & services, public health and not-for-profit, to name a few. Her current role as Head of Platform Solutions, at FIIG Securities, focuses on strategic product development and implementation of fixed income through platforms for investors.

Her early professional experience in North America was in the midst of the frenzy working in both the graphic design and customer relationship management industries where she began her journey into senior leadership positions. Reflecting on her career, Claudia believes that her time as a managing sales broker in real estate was key in providing her a solid understanding that business success is a ‘trifecta’ of matching customer needs with products & services at the right point in time; constant growth, innovation, and having the best people on your team is so important to corporate achievement and profitability

Claudia is a sound strategic thinker with a logical approach to decision making and execution; she brings passionate energy to business opportunities and is known as an innovator and implementer of change maximising business benefits and corporate ROI.

She is skilled at product development, sales, and transformational implementation; a leader of business units with full commercial control and responsibility for vendor management and delivery. Claudia excels at stakeholder engagement and continues to achieve results through inspirational leadership of high-performing teams.

She is looking forward to continuing to expand her professional network through EWA, and engaging with women who are committed to their career development and that of those around them. 




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