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Debra Nash-Kightley
General Manager Operational Support
Auto & General Insurance

Debra Nash-Kightley joined Auto & General Insurance in 2002 as Learning and Development Manager, having previously worked for the St George Bank and the Colonial Group in Sydney. In her 11 years with A&GI, she has won several promotions, the latest being in 2011 following the appointment of a new CEO who instigated a revised strategic focus and a restructure. In her current role, Debra is responsible for all aspects of management of the company’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This includes organisational learning and development initiatives, with a critical focus on corporate quality assurance, service excellence and compliance with our internal and external regulators such as ASIC and APRA.

There have been a number of achievements in Debra’s career, but a particular highlight was her first appointment to a non-executive director (NED) role with peak industry body for learning and development practitioners, the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). She is also currently president of the AITD’s Queensland and Northern Territory Council. Debra is delighted to have contributed actively to the strategic direction and future on-going success of this organisation.

In her various roles, Debra can well utilise her varied skills. Her expertise in partnering at the strategic level, together with her commercial insight, independent thinking and emotional intelligence enable her to lead competent, results-focused teams that are engaged and motivated to contribute to strategic organisational objectives.

Debra feels it is essential for organisations to acknowledge the empirical research that proves diversity at senior levels to be beneficial for performance and innovation. Companies should genuinely adopt policies that encourage gender equality in the workplace. While she has not always been a supporter of quotas, Debra recognises that these have been successful in some countries, and thinks Australia may have something to learn from this experience. In addition, women can play a part in their own success by remaining true to themselves, and by taking responsibility for the management of their career development.

Having joined EWA, Debra is looking forward to continuing to build a network of influential, experienced and like-minded women. This she sees as critical to on-going development as a senior executive and to her objective to obtain further NED roles.



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