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Hana Guenzl
Brand Coach and Keynote Speaker
Brand Developer, Strategist and Image Consultant
Deep Vision

Hana is the Director at Deep Vision, a Sydney based Image Branding Agency specialising in a unique Bespoke Brand Development and Strategies, which help individuals and businesses build their Brands and leverage them as growing business assets.

In today’s competitive environment, building your personal Brand is not optional, be it for a professional career or a business. Having a clear sense of your Brand can help you to get noticed in the new world of rapidly changing technology and information overload. The only security is your Brand and the value it promises and delivers.

Hana’s passion is to build a link between individual and business success. She is the founder of a bona fide Branding concept and model – Be Become Belong Bond. This creative process is delivered via Brand learning programmes, which serve as a practical hands-on guide, illuminating the untapped potential within the individual and/or business. These bespoke master classes help to create stronger Brand, taking the career or business to the next desired level.

She knows your world, its highs and its lows. Through her extensive corporate career and running a business she possesses the savvy to enter into the worlds of her executive clients. The uniqueness of her creative approach is to adopt the role of the strategic advocate and to immerse in a client’s business culture. It is Hana’s privilege to witness how this process becomes the means vehicle to clients career and dreams.

She is known to work hands-on in a wide range of industries by attuning to targeted audiences, consumer behaviour and Brand experiences in the market, on national and global levels. Hana has been involved in launching Australian fashion in Dubai, which was sponsored by Dubai based DHL. She has received a personal commendation letter from the NSW Governor for her efforts in the region. Hana was instrumental in successfully staging pro-bono charity event for McGrath Foundation. She also launched emerging artists, sent indigenous artists abroad to festivals, and represented companies at Trade Fairs.

Prior to Deep Vision, Hana held various positions as a national and international project manager, business consultant, corporate trainer, and business & marketing analyst for Digital Equipment Corporation P/L. Via her career, she has worked in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Hana helps to discover your Brand value and experience.

The bespoke personal Branding programme explores Step by Step how to discover, create and market your Brand, enabling you to become Your Brand Manager, and manage your career in the new world of work environment.

You will be the CEO of ‘Extraordinary Brand You’ – a clarified, compelling and confident you, with a unique promise of values, making you stand out. Thus, your personal Brand exudes - a trusted reputation, your point of difference from your peers, and the ability to fulfil other people expectation.


Hana Guenzl can be contacted via: LinkedIn or Deep Vision





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