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Jan Musgrave
Managing Director
Bill Peach Journeys

With over 30 years experience in the travel industry, Jan Musgrave is the Managing Director of Bill Peach Journeys a luxury Australian tour operator. Following a degree in Tourism Management from the University of Victoria, and a diploma of Marketing Management from Kellogg School of Management North Western University, Jan commenced her career in tourism, working in both the private and public sectors.

Today she manages a team of 30 staff, ranging from full time employees to contractors. The business is an industry leader in high end luxury private aircraft touring around the world. She has extensive industry knowledge and has seen massive changes within the tourism sector in the past 30 years. The industry is constantly affected by events beyond its control, be it natural disasters or financial challenges and Jan has developed amazing skills to deal with the many changes that have occurred.

Jan's philosophy is that a work/life balance is achievable and it is something that she feels very passionately about. She has always provided a flexible work environment for her employees many of which are working
mothers. Herself a mother of two teenage boys she knows first-hand the struggles that women face trying to make work and family life coincide. She believes it is achievable if we all work together.

Jan has joined the Executive Women Australia so that she can network with women who hold senior positions in other industries. Particularly so that she can continue to make Bill Peach Journeys and the travel industry as a whole a fair workplace for women by gathering knowledge about what others have done or are doing. She is also interested in continuing to mentor women who are seeking to further their careers.




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