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Julie Hyne
Executive Stylist and Image Consultant

Julie Hyne is an internationally-renowned accredited stylist and image consultant. She works with individuals to identify and display their unique style, helping them to create presence and self-confidence, and ultimately to attract opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

Julie understands the need for busy working women to have a wardrobe containing garments that are easy to wear, stylish, inexpensive, and above all that reflect their personal style. The time spent and the frustration experienced in trying to achieve the right look can be alleviated as Julie assesses what is required, sources the right items to fill those gaps and then empowers women with the knowledge and tools to replicate this themselves.

Networking is greatly valued by Julie, who hopes through joining EWA to continue to connect with women and to assist them in their paths to success. She has followed EWA since its inception, and considers it to be a tremendous resource for acquiring information and building strong relationships through which businesses can grow.

Julie believes that women possess unique qualities to bring to senior executive roles, and that these should be acknowledged and valued in the marketplace. Recruiters need to take into account a whole range of attributes including education, organisational management experience, time management skills, leadership, commitment, and last but not least, personal presentation.

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