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Karen Chaston
A BraveHeart Woman Who Resonates

After working in the corporate world for more than 18 years in various senior management roles, Karen opted for a significant career change. She had been an on-line member of BraveHeart Women since 2009, and in 2012 trained to become a Resonator. She is now preparing for the opening of the first Australian Chapter in Sydney in June 2013. Through various networking channels, Karen has already built brand awareness and a membership base within Sydney, which she hopes this will eventually extend to other parts of Australia, bringing together an ever-expanding circle of women.

BraveHeart Women is an established global community with the mission to inspire women to ‘Be more, Create more and Collaborate more’. Originally an online community, that has now entered a new phase by introducing Resonate Chapters, that provides tools to assist women to grow, evolve, create financial prosperity, embrace their purpose and collaborate with leaders and other visionary women, combined now with genuine, in-person interaction and collaboration.

Karen was inspired to become a Resonator because she had long felt there must be a better model for women to feel completely fulfilled in all aspects of their lives—personally, professionally and globally. She believes that women will rise to take their rightful place in senior leadership roles and as Board Members when they embody their natural ‘feminine energy’ and only access their ‘masculine energy’ as required. The tendency of women to feel they need to follow the traditional ‘masculine business model’ to get ahead is working against their ability to achieve balanced, healthy lives. When women come together beyond competition, survival and territorial limitation, they will take their rightful places in senior executive roles, benefiting companies with the particular qualities for which women are increasingly acknowledged.

In joining EWA, Karen hopes to make connections with like-minded women with the aim of sharing more widely the tools provided by BraveHeart. In turn, looks forward to learning from and collaborating with other visionary women.


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