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Kathy Wong
Chief Energy Officer
SoulRepublic and Moeloco

Kathy Wong is what you might call a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run several businesses. She is now a leader and change maker working with her own social enterprise Soul Republic and her purchase with purpose brand, Moeloco which means Dream Crazy. Her desire with Moeloco is to create a heart centered community of engaged individuals wanting to be the change they see in the world. She believes in the power of an individual and how each individual can impact anothers life. Her own personal dream crazy is to eliminate poverty through her social cause Moeloco flip flops which leave positive messages in the sand whilst giving a pair of shoes to a child living in poverty.

Her previous businesses serviced Australia's top two hundred organisations with their branding, communication needs before moving into retirement in the country. During this time, Kathy transformed herself into a mixed media jewellery artisan and teacher , exhibiting her work then running private workshops.

Kathy holds a degree in Visual Communications Design and is a retro girl, cites Dancing Queen as her favourite song of all time, loves soppy romance films and detests chokoes no matter which way they are cooked.






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