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Khurshida Ajam BA. M.Com
Professional Development Consultant
Fluent Learning

Khurshida Ajam has extensive experience in Australian Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry in commercial roles in Marketing and Sales. Large Pharmaceutical (MSDA) and Biotech’s (Amgen) in Specialist and Primary care positions.

Over the last 3 years, Khurshida has been consulting and contracting in Marketing and Executive Business Coaching, she has also been on the Board of Directors for a series of Medical Centre’s, consulted to Pathology Company and is Vice President of an NGO. This diverse experience has led to her uncover that her passion is around helping people progress in their careers having mentored people along the way , coupled with an executive business coaching certificate and accreditation in the CPI 260® Leadership tool, she has been coaching clients in Leadership development and joined Fluent Leaning to maximise this experience.

In her previous experience ,Khurshida joined DDB Remedy in 2008 as Director of the ProEd Medical Education team, where she managed a team and worked in therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiovascular, anaesthetics, haemostats and oncology to name a few. She brings a wide range of capabilities including planning, direction setting, project management, negotiation and influence, as well as strong client (internal and external) management from this role.

She joined Amgen Australia as Professional Education Manager in 2001. The role within the Haematology- Oncology Division encompassed managing the launch of new products from an educational perspective, and developing an extensive KOL plan for all stakeholders to create brand awareness at launch, managed Advisory Boards and KOLs, and developed and implemented plans for Patient Advocacy Groups

Khurshida began her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Sales at Merck Sharp & Dohme. Later she moved into medical education working on the University Programme for GPs, managing Advisory Boards, and GP facilitation courses. She then moved into a commercial role in marketing in the cardiovascular area.

Khurshida’s academic background includes an undergraduate in Psychology and a postgraduate Masters of Commerce. She has a business coaching certificate and is accredited in the CPI 260 Leadership assessment tool and is a member of the American Society of Training and development and attends their annual conferences and has a passion for Women in Leadership






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