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Kim Chandler McDonald
Author; Co-Founder, EVP and Flat World Navigator

Named by Innovation Excellence as one of the top 10 Innovation bloggers of 2014, Kim Chandler McDonald is an Enduser, innovation and collaboration advocate/advisor and high-tech entrepreneur. She is a globally respected thought leader on
disruptive approaches, transformational trends and international business strategies - particularly those involving Enduser empowerment, innovation and the DACE (Digital, Attention and Collaboration Economies). Kim is Co-Founder of KimmiC, which specializes in robust technology and leading edge innovations such as FlatWorld™ - an FIA (Future Of Internet Architecture) business platform designed for the Collaboration Economy. FlatWorld™ is a 'White Label' simple, secure, inexpensive, multi-lingual platform enabling structured and unstructured data and knowledge assets from any source to be captured, collaborated and capitalised upon. The world’s first branded Flat World Navigator and included in the inaugural ‘LinkedIn Power Profiles - Australia’ top-ten list, Kim has a far reaching network of trusted relationships with global thought leaders, many of whom inspired her ‘Capital I Innovation’ Interview Series, celebrating Innovations and Innovators. This series led to her internationally acclaimed and award-winning first book, ‘!nnovation’.

Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World, published in 2013 by Kogan Page - in print and as an eBook - is also available as an Enhanced Edition/Online Ecosystem, integrating the latest web publishing, cloud, mobile and
responsive technology along with KimmiC's FlatWorld 'secret sauce’ and SmartMarks - interactive, intelligent bookmarks. Kim’s next book, ‘Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking: Building dynamic relationships in the global digital economy’, again published by Kogan Page, will be available for advance purchase on June 3rd. Currently sitting on Griffith University’s Enterprise Advisory Board, Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia’s Advocacy Committee and the Board of Governors of Frost and Sullivan’s Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives (AGILE), she is also an Academy Fellow of the International Entrepreneurship Academy. Formerly, Kim was a writer/editor for national and international newspapers and magazines and host/producer of an award winning radio program. During this time she sought and secured interviews with 100s of fascinating people such as: former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright; film director, Terry Gilliam; theoretical physicist, Brian Greene; and authors John Irving, Amy Tan and Tom Wolfe.






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