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Krista Elliott
Portrait Artist
Life Style Consulting
Consultant to Business since 1989

For a very, very long time, Krista has been drawing out the best in people, helping them to find what it is in each individual or enterprise that inspires others, and then building strategies around communicating that message to their respective target audiences. Starting out in 1980 as a high school teacher of Art, and English as a Second Language, in 1989 she then dropped herself with a thud into the middle of the business community at the age of 31. What a steep learning curve that was!

Since then Krista has supplied complete integrated communications packages for various sized concerns with clients ranging from high profile political campaigns, private projects for high net worth individuals, small family companies and large government institutions – to purely presentation skills training for the business development teams of multi-million and multi-billion dollar international companies. Art education led to graphic design which grew into interior design, exhibition design, corporate videos and eventually corporate training. She just kept saying “Yes!” to what was asked of her as each client need arose ... and then figured out how to make it happen.

Now she is a Master Trainer in physical fitness, an accredited colour and style consultant, and hosted and produced her own radio show called Make Life Beautiful®, on Radio Northern Beaches for 3 years, her most recent guest being Rev Dr Tim Costello. The theme of the show which is Art, Fitness and Volunteering for Wellbeing has become what she now offers to the market place as a commercial endeavour.







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