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Lauren Marcellin
Business and Peak Performance Coach
Inside 80

Lauren brings over 15 years executive experience in professional services and industry in Australia and the United States to her work as a business and peak performance coach at Inside 80. She works with CEOs, executives and organisations to apply principles of energy management and peak performance in the workplace to maximise their energy and productivity firstly at work and then holistically throughout their lives.

During Lauren’s corporate career, she was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers and held senior positions in the electricity industry where she was responsible for teams ranging from 5 to 150 people and project budgets ranging from $1 million to $600 million. She was successful at increasing performance and productivity in a way that achieved sustainable outcomes and growth for the business.

Lauren has proven success at building trusted relationships, managing a broad range of stakeholders, implementing strategic and efficient business decisions, influencing change and driving commercial outcomes.

After a successful corporate career and with her passion for helping others find a sustainable way of peak performance in all areas of their life, Lauren joined Inside80 for the opportunity to coach others in a way that combines both business and executive coaching methodologies and an approach to managing health and wellbeing.


Lauren has a passion for working with people to optimise their professional and personal performance and find ways to juggle both corporate life and their lifestyles. She herself juggled a corporate career and stayed active as a marathon runner, yoga instructor and competitive field hockey player. Proving that with an understanding of one’s own energy levels and what drives those up and down, it is possible to maintain a sustainable level of and even improve performance in all areas of life… and avoid the ever so prevalent ‘burn out’.

In addition to her work as a peak performance coach, Lauren is a yoga instructor and runs her own boutique yoga studio in Sydney, Yoga for Me. Yoga for Me is focused on making yoga approachable to everyone. It’s motto life meets yoga sums up what Yoga for Me is all about…Working with people to develop a yoga practice that fits their lifestyle and focuses on exactly what they are looking to get out of their practice, no matter what their level is or purpose for taking up yoga.




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