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Louise Jones
Principal & Founder
Business Insurance for Women


It is a fact women in business are better business managers. Insurance claim statistics don’t lie! This means significantly fewer insurance claims, effective risk controls and great communications.

Given the Insurance Industry failed to acknowledge women in business are better risks and deserving of exclusive products, services and premiums; we thought it was time for a change. Business Insurance for Women have developed products exclusively for women in business. We are the only Broker in Australia who have and we are committed to the development of insurance and risk management products for women in business.

For far too long women voiced their frustration over the Insurance Industry providing documents without bothering to explain the detail in terms they could easily understand. Insurance policies are legal contracts and unless you live and breathe them they are a difficult read and full of terminology that baffles the best of us. We get this so we ensure you know the detail and the why.

We take the time to educate, so you can make informed choices rather than ones you’re not quite sure about. We understand you want attention to detail so we designed a system to ensure you receive this.

We work to ensure an advantageous solution for you. Our client is not an Insurance company it’s you. Business Insurance for Women provide Insurance and Risk Management services that only we can provide.

A seriously superior and uniquely specific service.

The centre of attention for others is usually the sell and them some more selling. For us, it’s primarily about you, your business, not a product or service. A connected, positive and cooperative approach to support your business.

We never set and forget.








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