EWA Panel of Providers

Michelle Donohoe
Design Director
Donohoe Sharman

Donohoe Sharman is a proudly Australian fashion label offering statement pieces to professional women. Its founder and designer, Michelle Donohoe spent over 20 years of her career in corporate management and consulting roles. She understands the role of fashion from first-hand experience. Michelle was forever frustrated with the clothing choices and frankly, as she sees it, poor quality available to women. So she started making her own clothes and evolved that into her own label.

The focus for Donohoe Sharman is offering professional women a contemporary collection of clothing that directly enhances their "personal brand" profile to optimise their authority, self-confidence and presence through fashion choices. These are important ingredients in every woman’s profile and complement their career performance and development aspirations.

Michelle believes that businesses should aim to offer true equality of opportunity, as well as demonstrating recognition that women are different, and that these differences can truly benefit the workplace. At the same time, she feels that success in life comes from resilience, courage and integrity.

Sharing her challenges with other successful women and learning from them are aims for Michelle in joining EWA. She also hopes to build awareness of her fashion label amongst this very relevant group.

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