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Michelle Soo
Managing Director
Wellness for Leaders

Michelle founded Wellness for Leaders when she recognised a gap in executive coaching and executive wellness. She believes that one cannot happen without the other, particularly for peak performance and a life well lived.

On a practical level, Michelle has been accelerating the leadership development of her clients with an integrated wellness and leadership approach.

For over ten years, she has coached business owners, executives and community leaders in matters both personal and professional. Her clients can deal with change without the stress, so that they hit the ground running with great productivity. They also find it much easier to deal with high pressure and tight deadlines, whilst still getting a good night's sleep.

Today, Michelle's focus is on executive wellness programs that enhance emotional, physical and organisational resilience. She is also a passionate speaker on topics such as authentic leadership and emotional intelligence.

With an avid interest in contemporary dance and physical theatre, Michelle has recently performed in local and international art festivals.

At the EWA, Michelle hopes to contribute to the collaborative culture that women excel at. She also hopes to create strong relationships that have a positive ripple effect in the greater community.




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