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Nelli Noakes
Managing Director, Gestalt Enterprises Pty Ltd
Director, International Association of Facilitators Oceania Region
Convenor, IAF Oceania Conference 2013
Certified Professional Facilitator, IAF


Nelli Noakes started Gestalt just over two years ago, and has no regrets about her decision to become Managing Director.

Gestalt Enterprises Pty Ltd is an energetic and agile boutique consultancy with a passion for people and performance. It supports organisations to achieve results beyond their combined individual capacity through drawing on a broad toolkit of interventions including communication, facilitation, coaching, team-building and mediation. Gestalt works with companies to get a clear understanding of their business needs and context, supports them in implementing change, and helps measure the impact of their contributions.

Nelli wanted to make better use of her strengths and passions of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to implement ideas based on her academic research into leadership and organisational communication. In Gestalt's short existence, it has enjoyed a solid growth trajectory driven by repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. Gestalt's record of consistently delighting its clients has meant that what started off as a one-woman operation has grown to a team of three staff members and eight associates.

Gestalt has much to offer women in particular. The role it plays in helping everyone to have a voice is especially valuable to women, whom Nelli acknowledges still struggle to be heard in some industries. Gestalt also teaches women how to facilitate successful meetings and enhance their leadership skills.

Nelli believes it is very important for senior women to make themselves available as role models, and that they should celebrate each other's successes. Women should also persist with 'naming' the issue of their under-representation in senior positions and address this through the maintenance of an on-going dialogue supported by action.

In joining EWA, Nelli looks forward to meeting other dynamic, interested, interesting women who are pushing the glass ceiling ever higher. She also hopes to create opportunities to help women perform even better in their roles as organisational leaders, and in particular how they communicate with their people.


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