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Paula Kensington
Chief Financial Officer
Rubik Financial

Paula Kensington is a dynamic and innovative finance leader, with considerable management experience across the financial services and IT sectors in Australia and in the UK.

As CFO and Company Secretary of leading financial technology and software provider, Rubik Financial Ltd, her role is pivotal in steering the organisation through significant growth and transformation. Her key strengths include the ability to demonstrate courage and determination when challenged with complex business decisions and her flexible and agile approach, which allows her to successfully adapt to changing dynamics. She strives to be a conscious leader with a focus on collaboration, care and courage. Her aim is to drive, inspire and empower others to think differently and add value.

Paula has been a member of the ACCA since 1997. She joined the Australia/NZ Members Panel in 2013, representing members across the region. She is particularly passionate about assisting ACCA members who have recently migrated to Australia. Paula is also actively involved in the local ACCA Women In Business group and has presented to the group as part of their CPD program.

Paula is also a founding member of CFO2015, an exclusive private network of senior finance executives who aspire to transform the role of the CFO through collaboration, influence and leadership. She is also a participant in the Macquarie University PACE program which aims to prepare accounting graduates to get work-ready for life in the professional finance world. Paula's involvement in both of these groups stands testament to her altruistic beliefs of giving back to her community whilst supporting both
established and aspiring CFO's across diverse industries and backgrounds.





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