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Paula Williscroft
Practise Manager The HR Space
Australian Catholic University

Paula Williscroft specialises in managing Learning and Development businesses, teams and processes, with ‘energetic, collaborative problem-solving’ being a particular strength. Her current role is the culmination of having taken career progression opportunities when they have arisen, regardless of whether the timing was perfect or whether they appeared ‘out of left field’ at the time.

Paula considers that the move to her first leadership position to head up a large Learning and Development team is her greatest career achievement to date. The role came with big financial responsibilities, and a mandate to transform the team and deliver measurable value back to the business. This she found exciting but also daunting, since the opportunity arose shortly after she had given birth to her first child, and her mother had passed away. The significant increase in her skills and the excellent results delivered by her team testify that she made the right choice.

In moving to this role, Paula received support and mentoring from a senior female manager, which confirmed to her the benefits of seeking mentoring from respected colleagues, preferably from outside the immediate working environment. She therefore feels that networks such as EWA play an important role for women moving through leadership roles into the most senior positions, and looks forward to contributing to the EWA network.





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