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Robin Powis
Executive Stylist and Image Consultant
Defining Style

Robin Powis is one of only eight Image Consultants in Australia who are a Certified Image Consultant (CIP) with Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and one of 109 Image Consultants worldwide.

Working in the Image Industry since 2006, executives come to Robin with three major concerns:

  1. They want a Distinctive Brand Identity that is integral to their career and projects a professional, appropriate and consistent message at all times. To portray a Powerful and Dynamic Presence.
  2. With no time to shop they want expert personalized advice to save them time, money and stress to create a stylish functional wardrobe from the boardroom to dinner, at a presentation or sporting event.
  3. Frustrated they can’t find the right clothes to fit or suit their shape and/or style.

Robin is passionate to inspire women to succeed at whatever they desire and be totally confident in their image. It is her work in the public sector as a strategic planner and in change management that set the foundations for her Image Consulting. So from an organizational perspective this principle is rolled down to apply to each individual in their particular role and industry.

Each executive is considered holistically to create an authentic, fresh and current Image. Robin’s style methodology changes your purchasing decisions with proven line and style strategies. Working in your wardrobe you understand what works, what doesn’t and why. By defining your Signature Style Robin identifies key garments and accessories to create a workable wardrobe to accentuate your assets and minimize your liabilities.

As a member of EWA’s Panel of Providers, Robin is looking forward to further understanding the challenges women leaders face in their career and everyday life today and into the future.

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