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Samina Yip
Chief Operations Officer
The Accountant Group

Several years ago, Samina had a good mid-level job in a large financial services firm. However she knew that she wanted more. With few female senior role models and not content to move sideward, Samina approached a boutique firm looking for a senior role. Now, in her new c-level position within The Accountant Group, an expanding niche integrated accounting, financial planning, and training team; Samina has been able to establish her expertise in managing integrated project service solutions and tailored training support.

The Accountant Group is an umbrella organisation providing four key services:

  1. The Accountant Group (TAG) - accounting and taxation services, established in 2001
  2. The Wealth Creation Group (WCG) - financial planning services, established in 2006
  3. Business Professionals Group (BPG) - a registered training organisation, established in 2003
  4. Australian Business & Professional Relationships (ABPR) - business and investment services, established in 2007

The group fosters strong, long-term client focused relationships in ways that Samina believes are especially suited to professional women. “We listen to our client’s needs and provide strategic insight outlining options and support to maximise expansion opportunities whilst managing risk” she says.

Samina has a Bachelor of Science (Biology/Psychology), is a licensed financial adviser, a Certified Professional (Australian Human Resource Institute) and has completed a Strategic Leadership Program at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. She has been critical in driving the development of the training business, and has herself trained over 500 participants in her career.

Through her executive membership at Executive Women Australia, Samina is looking to connect with other like-minded executives in order to share experiences, gain valuable professional insights and to open up possibilities for collaboration.


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