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Stacey Ashley
Managing Director
Ashley Coaching and Consulting

Stacey believes we can all achieve out potential by leading ourselves first. She works with Leaders and their teams to: raise their self-awareness; understand their strengths; increase their personal effectiveness; and grow their authentic leadership so they can bring out the best in themselves and the people around them, while improving the bottom line.She focuses more and more on the creation of Coaching Cultures in organisations, and Happiness at Work to support this.

Stacey is a Master Coach and leader within the Australian coaching community and holds an impressive array of national and international accreditations. Stacey is also a certified trainer and she regularly shares her expertise with others by delivering the most highly accredited workplace & business coaching programs in Australia. She works with executives, senior management and teams from many of Australia’s leading corporations, along with private clients.

Her passion lies in the personal and professional development field, where she utilises the latest thinking in neuroscience and positive psychology combined with ancient wisdom to support the development of authentic leadership. As part of her on-going self-development she is also the only coach within Australia to hold three specialised practitioner qualifications in the emerging fields of The Science of Happiness at work, Story Coaching and mBraining.

Prior to becoming a coach, Stacey held Senior Leadership positions in Telecommunications, Finance and IT and she has an outstanding track record for leading and developing teams across a multitude of disciplines.
Stacey has been featured in local and national publications such as SMH, NETT, Australian Business Solutions Magazine, Management Today, Leaders in Heels, Women’s Agenda, Business Director and CEO Magazines. She is also a regular speaker on mBraining, Authentic Leadership and Happiness at Work.

She is a Coach, Facilitator and Speaker who will raise your awareness, equip you with new skills and inspire you to take action. 




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