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Sue Turk
Chief Operating Officer
Rubicor Group Limited


Sue Turk’s professional career is the culmination of senior appointments in a number of diverse organisations, across the private and public sectors within Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. At this point in her career, Sue has developed an invaluable commercial skillset, and harnessed the abilities required to lead an ASX-listed organisation, drive consistent performance and retain talent in one of the industry’s toughest economic periods.

As Chief Operating Officer for the ASX-listed Rubicor Group (ASX: RUB), Sue is responsible for the overall performance of 18 diverse operating brands and part of the Rubicor Group’s shared service functions. Sue has developed and executed significant transformational strategies, with the primary imperative of successfully linking the Rubicor Group’s multiple brands, driving collaboration at all levels to enhance value for the Group’s staff and vast customer base. Most recently, Sue led the overhaul of front and back office operations, within the creation of a shared services environment for the Rubicor Group. The future will see Sue guide the global expansion of the Rubicor Group with a clear focus on the emerging markets in Asia.

“My personal mantra is to help people help themselves, whether this be in the personal or professional aspects of their lives. In my capacity as COO, I am in the privileged position to deal with my teams on many levels. I feel truly honoured to work in an industry and with colleagues and stakeholders that fulfil my career ambitions whilst working to help build something meaningful.”

Graduating with a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University, Sue commenced her career in Community Development quickly realising her potential and reaching management levels in the public sector. From there, Sue pursued an opportunity with a leading Australian provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and in this capacity, found her passion for the human equation in business and the critical importance of having the right people with the right skills and cultural fit in place.

Over time, Sue has focused her energy on delivering effective and commercially viable business transformation solutions enabling a clear balance between people and process change, driving performance improvement and greater alignment between brands and functions through respectful collaboration.

At the heart of Sue’s experience and career success is her ability to switch from the strategic to the operational and work with ease across all functional areas. This experience and expertise coupled with her pragmatic approach to leadership enables Sue to work closely with her colleagues and create sustained high performance, consistent engagement and longevity.

In her personal time, Sue devotes herself to her two daughters, a close network of friends and heading outdoors for exercise. It is clear that the balance of personal and work life generate a strong sense of stability that gives Sue sustained interest in driving a fulfilling career.

Through her membership in the Executive Women Australia forum, Sue aims to support and share her experiences with new friends and associates, whilst learning through this network of interesting, dynamic and influential women.




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