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Suelen McCallum
dVt Consulting Pty Ltd

dVT Consulting is a Chartered Accounting practice specialising in a number of boutique areas within the accounting profession and business world, particularly with small to medium sized businesses (turnover up to $200 million). The firm is committed to independence, integrity, transparency and full disclosure in all commercial matters, and these values form the cornerstone of our approach and philosophy.

With 30 years' experience in the industry, Suelen established dVT Consulting in 2008, moving away from traditional insolvency issues that had been the mainstay of the dVT Group. Most of our clients are in some form of financial crisis or distress. Specialising in corporate strategy and restructure, turnaround management and litigation support, as well as due diligence, pre-lending reviews and business valuations, Suelen brings a great deal of skill and experience to provide innovative and workable solutions for these businesses and provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Clients have come from a very wide range of industries and sectors. As the first female insolvency professional in NSW (if not Australia), Suelen is well aware of the importance of promoting and supporting women in professional careers, and helping to achieve that by encouraging recognition of achievements, education and skills through associated organisations like Turnaround Management Association and IWIRC. "Being part of the mindshift from a totally male dominated industry to one well represented by amazing women, is always an absolute buzz" says Suelen.

For dVT Consulting, relationships with clients are everything - we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and pragmatism, and our best perceived outcome is one that provides good results for all stakeholders. As an executive member of EWA, Suelen hopes to meet women leaders from a wide range of business and corporate fields, providing advice and guidance to other women, as well as learning from the expertise of others.



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