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Suzi Petrozzi
Petrozzi Wellness Centre


Suzi Petrozzi is a wellness psychologist, coach and an expert in delivering emotionally intelligent insight to help ambitious leaders unlock their potential so they can move forward with presence, power and purpose and take on the bigger picture in life.

She is also a co-director of the award-winning Petrozzi Wellness Centre, in Sydney, Australia, which has been recognised for its outstanding service delivery, customer care and innovation.

Working as a psychologist for over 13 years led Suzi to develop a unique coaching model and practice with a focus on wellness and enhancing human potential in all aspects of life.

Her real passion and strength is empowering leaders to:

  • Create clarity and be more authentic in everything they do;
  • Feel grounded and connected when there’s too much going on;
  • Get out of their own way;
  • To be more in control of their own emotions and better handle other’s people’s stress;
  • Create more open and supportive relationships so they can be respected and valued
  • Have more engaging conversations so they can be heard
  • Increase their personal resilience and well-being

With experience and training in psychology, personal development, integrative health, as well as business and marketing, Suzi brings a unique approach to her coaching, mentoring and leadership development.







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