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Tracey Sofra CPA.CFP
Sofcorp Financial Services

Tracey has over 25 years’ experience as an Accountant and Financial Planner. She is regarded as an experienced leader in the financial services industry, with exceptional skills and knowledge.

Tracey’s passion lies in her belief that only through financial independence can we truly be financially free, to live the live you want and be the person you are.

Tracey has developed a ground breaking mentoring program specifically designed to give women the financial education they need to create a shift from just existing to the euphoric state of empowerment and FREEDOM.

Tracey’s 8wk Financial Transformation Program unlocks your potential and inspires you to take charge of your money and take charge of your life.

For it is only through financial independence you have the freedom of choice to live the life you want and be the person you are.




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