Executive Member

Wilma James
Senior Director, Expertise Commercialisation
UniQuest Pty Limited

Following 16 years in the legal and paralegal sphere, Wilma James spent four years as Business Manager of a $15m portfolio of social science/natural resource management projects for CSIRO’s Sustainable Ecosystems Division. She then joined UniQuest as Operations Manager, and after three years was recently promoted to her current role as Manager of Operations and Development, where she works on the interface between science and industry reviewing and implementing viable projects that can improve industry productivity and community development arising from commercial research.

After identifying a new opportunity, Wilma has been directly responsible for developing Australia’s first virtual health clinic that facilitate consultations and healthcare services between clinical specialists and patients within Residential Aged Care Facilities through telehealth methodologies. The business called “RES-e-CARE” is a wholly owned business of UniQuest and utilises the skills and resources of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health. RES-e-CARE will be rolled out to over 21 residential aged care facilities within 2013 and is already looking at providing additional clinical specialities to residents of aged care facilities.

The implementation of the business model that Wilma leads includes contractual arrangements between clinicians, the university, residential aged care facilities, software providers, Medicare, GPs and holders of various intellectual property licences and has been executed within a number of strictly protocoled regulatory groups. A number of additional services will soon be included within variations of the RES-e-CARE model including rehabilitation services to palliative and transitional patients in their homes. RES-e-CARE will be the leading telehealth care provider for patients in their homes within the next three years. This business model has contributed to Wilma being able to assist and lead the raising of $6,000,000 worth of contract research for the Centre of Online Health from the Australian Federal Government and various industry partners.

When Wilma initially took on leadership at UniQuest, the team that she was asked to lead was having significant issues. Motivation was low and turnover high. However during her time as the Manager of Operations and Development, she has managed a complete turn-around, building a highly-motivated, professional and loyal team of contract administrators, business development staff and project managers.

Wilma has been delighted to land a role that has allowed her to excel and to move towards greater career challenges. She is looking forward to building relationships with other executive women who are keen to pursue new and exciting opportunities at EWA.


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