At Executive Women Australia, our program and suite of events offer more than education and inspiring speakers - we provide opportunity.

Our members are serious about climbing the corporate ladder to acquire a senior role and they are determined to influence work cultures. Our program provides a range of peer and profile services which enhance professional women’s career success and corporate influence.

Executive Women Australia is looking to partner with like-minded organisations which support corporate women’s career success. To make a sponsorship enquiry please contact: info@executivewomenaustralia.com.au

Panel of Providers


Do you have a service or a product that can benefit women at work? Are you a small business owner that would like to expand your professional network and attend EWA’s public suite of events? Join EWA and become one of our Panel of Providers. EWA’s membership provides you with numerous options to promote your services to leading executives and executive employers.


Female consumers are responsible for the majority of household purchasing decisions, and professional women have in recent times been tagged the “Diamond Collective” as they have a high dispensable income and are willing to buy discretionary items.

“Globally, women consumers control $20 trillion in consumer spending. They make the final decision for buying 91 per cent of home purchases, 65 per cent of new cars, 80 per cent of health care choices, and 66 per cent of computers.” Fast Company, Co. Design.

“A marketing consultant who researches female spending behaviour, labels this cohort the "diamond collective" because of their lifestyle and distinctive attitude to discretionary spending. They are earning more, spending more and staying single longer, and they don't have to weigh up spending decisions against other conflicting priorities. The diamond collective's willingness to splurge helped keep the economy growing during the global financial crisis... they had the least conservative response to the economic downturn - they continued to spend" SMH Aug 2012.

If you have a product that you would like our members to enjoy please send an enquiry to: info@executivewomenaustralia.com.au

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