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"EWA really know networking! As a member of their LinkedIn group, and also having attended their luncheons in Sydney, I'm really impressed with how well they understand what's relevant and meaningful to female executives."
Tara Commerford, Head of Communications - ANZ & SE Asia at LinkedIn

Cocktail event

Guest speaker: Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash, Minister assisting the Prime Minister for Women
Location: Paspaley Pearls Sydney

Guest feedback:

"Tonight there was the opportunity for "quality" networking. The event wasn't another "handing out your business card" event, but brought together women who were open and willing to share experiences and build a rapport with each other. This was also possible because the event offered the time and space for networking in the agenda. The guest speaker was exceptional and the topic selection was highly appropriate for the launch."
Ranmalee, Corporate Regulatory Affairs Officer

"I really enjoyed the event and quickly gave my husband the Paspaley catalogues when I got home! And my 13 year old daughter loves the bag! I enjoyed meeting new women that I wouldn’t normally mix with. It was great to meet such a variety of people."
Michelle, Chief Executive Officer

"I found the speaker was of interest and spoke well. The event was extremely well planned and managed - ran to time, the welcome was apparent, expectations were clear. The time commitment was not too long – half hour for speaker, half hour for networking (with option to stay but not expected) worked well. The venue was fun. The vibe that this is a special group was apparent. And I met with some interesting people and will look forward to further opportunities."
Liz, Head of Audit Policy

"I enjoyed the location, energy of the place, essence of sophistication given the diversity of women, and the appetite for wanting to network."
Penny, Chief Financial Officer

"I enjoyed the evening and made some interesting connections with some of the women (and men) at the event. A lovely welcoming venue as well."
Sharon, Head of Key Accounts

"As my first EWA event I found the introduction to EWA quite relaxed but informative. I found the members of EWA, that I had the opportunity to speak with, very welcoming and they appeared eager to drive and support the concept of 'championing change'. Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash's speech was interesting and I took away a great statement she made, that "If you want to achieve, work hard. If you want to achieve more, work harder!" What a great concept to verbalise."
Chris, Lawyer

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable, informative and productive evening at Paspaley Pearls Sydney. There was a great vibe and I chatted with some really interesting women whose lives I already feel part of!"
Sarah, Commercial Manager

"I have so enjoyed every minute of the event especially the ambience, being in the front row and listening Senator Cash. Her messages are still echoing in my head …"
Danielle, Systems Assurance Manager

"Enjoyed the venue, lovely to meet a group of empowered women in such a beautiful setting." 
Paula, Chief Financial Officer

"It was a lovely venue with women who had a friendly, casual approach to networking, rather than a ‘hard sell’ approach"
Jodie, Director

"I thoroughly enjoyed tonight I met some fabulous women and it was a privilege to meet the Senator."
Lisa, Consultant

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and I loved trying on the beautiful pearls! A very stylish event and I look forward to being at more. Congratulations on a well-run event."
Jane, Managing Director

"I enjoyed the venue that was picked, the speaker and that we could actually be introduced to these people. I felt we were all equal parties in the room, no one more senior, nor better or different. All women who were there were attempting to improve themselves in some way."
Roz, Director

"I enjoyed the event tonight - so busy networking that I didn’t even try on any pearls and I’m a jewellery addict!"
Leeanne, Director

"The venue was stunning, the speakers were great (although controversial, which I don’t mind as it starts a dialogue) and the women there were all very open and friendly and I met some very interesting people"
Angela, Director

"Industry Diversified group of Executive Women. Most Associations are Industry focused and you do not benefit from the breadth and diversity of the experience potentially available here. Excellent networking opportunities and the expectation that is a forum for networking."
Evelyn, Director

"What a real pleasure it was to meet such fabulous, brilliant, funny women. It made the evening for me. The networking was amazing, I loved the venue, and have to say Paspaley were wonderful and charming hosts."
Babette, Director

"I very much enjoyed the evening. I thought the Senator’s speech was excellent and the calibre of attendees provided a great networking opportunity."
Nicole, Associate Director

"I enjoyed not only the venue and the great diversity in women but also the presentation not only by Christopher Paspaley, but also Michalia. I also enjoyed the timing – not too late or too long."
Mary, Country Manager

Luncheon event

Guest speaker: The Hon. Joe Hockey, MP Shadow Treasurer

Guest feedback:

"The quality of people attending the event was exceptional. The format worked well. The catering and service was excellent."
Karen, Chief Executive Officer

"Good network of people in attendance. The event was well organised and the service was good. "
Annie, Chief Executive Officer

"The company was brilliant, the networking fun, the food was fabulous, thank you to all involved in arranging it."
Jacinta, Chief Executive Officer

"I was impressed by the networking with fellow women, the clear comradery and understanding that exists. It kept to schedule and the second speaker provided me with some interesting facts around women in senior leadership positions. I have actually memorised these facts and already used them in conversations following the event."
Simone, Manager - Corporate Solutions

"Good networking - nice people on our table. Great food, both the main and dessert were terrific. Well run event - Warm, welcoming meet and greet; Love the style of name badges; Ran to schedule; Good vibe. "
Allison, Senior Manager

"It was a fabulous event, I really enjoyed it, thank you again for organising it. I thought the venue was fabulous and you seemed to have a great turnout too."
Juliet, Senior Recruiter

"The event was most enjoyable. I welcomed the opportunity to network and meet with women leaders. The speakers were interesting."
Carol, Psychologist

"Great venue, great number of attendees, seamless registration, twitter feed on screen, good MC and speakers."
Alison, Managing Director and President

"Interesting topic for discussion, enjoyed the journalist introducing the topic and probing the speaker."
Gabi, Finance Manager

"I enjoyed many aspects of the luncheon but my key liking was the format of which it was carried out. The morning-tea was great to meet and have a chat prior to attending the lunch. This then made it easy to form conversation with those on your table as you were in meet and greet mode. The format of the actual lunch was also wonderful as it followed intro, body and conclusion as any good informational session would. Emcee and speaker were also terrific."
Belinda, Business Development Manager

"It was a lovely venue, very interesting speaker and attendees. I very much enjoyed networking with the other attendees at our table."
Anita, Director

"I greatly enjoyed the spirited discussions and hope to hear about further successes in women’s advancement in the corporate world. "
Liz, Relationship Manager

"Just sitting back at my desk after the wonderful lunch, I wanted to thank you very much both from myself and my senior team. It was the first time that I’d attended the event and I hope it won’t be the last, it was so insightful and relevant, I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
Juliet, Senior Recruiter


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